LAZY RIVER Design/Planning

American Aqua Works fully understands the timeframe needed for commercial projects. If it’s budgetary numbers your looking for to a full design to present to your client, we’re here to serve you in the your lazy river design process.

LAZY RIVER Manufacturing

Once the design and colors of your lazy river are finalized, the project is sent into production. Each part is manufactured in a controlled environment, cured, trimmed, pre-drilled and then loaded on to a flatbed trailer for delivery to your home.

LAZY RIVER Installation

American Aqua Works Lazy River is like no other when it comes to Installation. The installation takes days instead of months because the majority of the work takes place in our manufacturing facility. For your commercial project we can deliver all the parts at one time or we can stage trucks to deliver daily depending on the circumstances surrounding your project.

80 days for a Lazy River

In this industry, investing in a Lazy River is a huge decision. Considering in the past, the standard amount of time to install a lazy river has ranged from 6-18 months. That is a substantial amount of time and money to tie up for so long.

American Aqua Works was asked to install a 301′ Lazy River in Bunkie, LA in 2017. From the signing of the contract to completion was 80 days. The installation itself took 17.5 days.(and our crews were off on Sunday’s!) The installation included pouring concrete for the RiverFlow Current System pumps, digging out the soil for the Lazy River, installing  the river and plumbing and connecting the pumps.

I’m sure many wonder what transpired during the other 62.5 days- manufacturing and waiting on the client to give us the go on the install!