Starting with the footprint of an area, our design team provides a lazy river or waterslide drawing to meet the parameters set by the client.

Lazy Rivers

Our Lazy Rivers are made from 100% Fiberglass, Vinyl Ester Resins and the highest quality Gelcoats. This combination of material provides our clients a product that will last for years to come.

Water Slides

Our Water Slides are made using 100% Fiberglass, High Quality Resins and the highest quality Gelcoats. This combination of material provides our clients with years of slippery fun!

About the Lazy River

For 35 years Chris Green, the owner of American Aqua Works has been designing and building fiberglass products for the Aquatics Industry. In the last 30 years he has created, tested and installed several different size lazy rivers and water slides made from fiberglass.

With the growing popularity of Lazy Rivers, Splash Pools, and Chaise Chairs; Chris decided to open American Aqua Works. American Aqua Works is the creator and manufacturer of the two sizes of fiberglass sectional lazy rivers, the new sectional splash pools and the Chaise Chairs.

The Installation process is fast for the Lazy Rivers and Sectional Pools. Parts arrive on flatbed tractor trailers, the parts are then bolted together into 50-75′ sections. Each section is hoisted into location and bolted to the previous section. What once took months can now be completed in 1/5th the time. The time saved is a faster return on your clients investment as well as yours.

About our Water Slides

American Aqua Works water slides come in several shapes and sizes. We can design and create slides for the backyard to be landscaped in, or provide a tower for higher elevations and longer slides.

Our Honu is only 13′ long and works perfect in the backyard or as a kiddie feature in a commercial setting. Our largest slide to date is The Conja at Blue Bayou in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is a double slide with an 82′ tower.

From concept designs to installation, American Aqua Works is available to meet the needs of your clients needs.

12 part drop
Conja BlueBayou